Solar Panels Ottawa – Your Guide to Top Solar Companies, Costs, and Benefits

Ottawa has a number of unique solar incentives, including net metering and solar financing. Is the clean energy switch right for you?

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Did you know that there are more than 43,000 solar energy installations on residential, commercial, and industrial rooftops in Canada? Many of these installations are located in Ottawa, which gets about 2084 hours of sunlight per year. The city’s demand for solar panels is skyrocketing, as it boasts above-average sunshine. But with so many options and types of solar panels available, where do you start? 

Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the top places to buy solar panels in Ottawa. Each offers unique solutions to meet your energy needs. From Solara Solar Power’s cutting-edge Tesla Powerwall technology to Quadra Power Inc.’s innovative MAXUN technology, there’s something for everyone.

Thinking about switching to solar power? Now is the perfect time to explore incentives and learn more about how solar panels can reduce your energy charge. 

Stop by Ottawa Electric today to get started on a brighter, eco-friendly future! We’re here to help you pick the best solar panels for your home, install them, and keep them working great.

How Much Can You Save With Residential Solar Power Installation in Ottawa?

In Ottawa, a standard 5kW solar panel setup can produce more than 5000 kWh each year. The average household uses about 8000 kWh of electricity annually. This can lead to savings of roughly $1000 every year. For optimal performance, it’s best to install solar panels on a south-facing surface. This surface should also be free from any shade. This approach is ideal for homes in Ottawa. 

Here is a table showing the estimated cost of a residential solar system by the system’s size:

System size (kW)Avg cost per wattAvg system cost (After tax credit)

The Initial Solar Panels Cost in Ottawa

On average, a 5-kW solar panel system costs around $19,400, and a 10-kW system may cost about $38,800, emphasising the need to consult with a reputable solar company to maximise your home’s solar potential. These prices are before applying the ITC. The actual cost can vary depending on the solar panel model you choose, the size of the system, and your energy consumption. 

While the upfront costs might appear significant, they offer substantial value both immediately and over the long haul. 

Reduce Electricity Bill and Boost Home Value with Solar Panels Installation

The decision to install solar panels in Ottawa is not just smart; it’s financially savvy and environmentally responsible. Here’s why investing in solar in Ottawa is a win-win:

1. Instant Cost Savings

Ottawa enjoys an average of 4.6 hours of sunlight daily, making it an ideal location for solar power generation and the potential for substantial reductions in electricity bills.

2. Earn While You Power the Grid

Ontario rewards homeowners for adopting green improvements. By setting up solar panels, you can benefit from the ‘net-metering’ program and feed surplus electricity back to the grid. Instead of receiving a payout, Hydro offers a credit for the electricity you use against what you contribute. We believe this is an excellent initiative that will aid households in generating their own clean energy and recouping their investment.

3. Increased Property Values

Homes equipped with solar power systems are often more valuable and sought after in the real estate market.

4. Environmental Impact

Opting for solar energy means contributing to a sustainable future by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimising your carbon footprint.

Additionally, it supports a greener environment by reducing fossil fuel reliance. The benefits of net metering further enhance financial savings. Solar power stands out as the superior choice for energy, offering environmental advantages as well.

The Best Places to Buy Ottawa Solar Panels

iSolara Solar Power

Phone: 613-738-2646
Address: 30 Capital Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2G OE9 

iSolara Solar Power excels at integrating Tesla Powerwall technology into energy solutions, making them the go-to experts since 2003. They promise systems that not only perform exceptionally but also last. Their dedication to quality and continuous improvement means you get the most advanced solar-plus battery solutions tailored just for you. 

Planning a solar makeover? Ottawa Electric’s expert team can guide you through the journey, starting with iSolara’s cutting-edge options.

Quadra Power

Address: 1730 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 800, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 5L1, CANADA
Phone: +1.613.454.5480

Quadra Power Inc. sets the standard with its MAXUN technology, perfect for those seeking efficiency and innovation. With a decade of solar project prowess, they specialise in maximising solar energy capture, promising a significant boost in your system’s output. Their low-profile, dual-axis sun-tracking technology is a game-changer. 

Think it’s time for an upgrade? Let Ottawa Electric partner you with Quadra Power Inc. for a solar solution that stands out.

SunShine Solar Power

Address: SunShine Solar Power Inc. Ottawa, ON
Phone: +1 (613)799 5505 

For a comprehensive approach to solar energy, SunShine Solar Power Inc. is your best bet. Offering top-of-the-line SolarEdge inverters and a wide range of services from installation to maintenance, they prioritise quality, reliability, and affordability. Whether for residential or commercial needs, their team ensures your switch to solar is smooth and cost-effective. Considering solar? 

Ottawa Electric can connect you to the best in the business, like SunShine Solar Power Inc., to optimise your energy efficiency and savings.

Contact our expert electricians today!

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Execon Roofing and Solar

Address: 2951 Birchgrove Rd, Sarsfield, ON K0A 3E0  
Contact: 613-882-3525

Execon Roofing and Solar excels in commercial solar solutions, boasting over 13 years of experience and a portfolio of over 43,000 installed solar panels. Known for their meticulous planning and sleek installations, they make solar conversions seamless for businesses. Their use of all-black components not only enhances performance but also property aesthetics. 

Ready to solarize your business? Reach out to Ottawa Electric, and we’ll ensure Execon’s top-tier services are at your disposal.

Ottawa Valley Solar

Contact: 613-433-1668

For those venturing beyond the grid, Ottawa Valley Solar is the authority on off-grid, net metering, and backup power solutions. Specialising in installations that bring reliability to remote locations, they’re about creating sustainable energy solutions tailored to individual needs. With Ottawa Valley Solar, embracing off-grid living is easier than ever. 

And for those initial steps towards sustainable living, Ottawa Electric is here to help you explore off-grid solutions that fit your lifestyle. 

REC Solar

REC Solar distinguishes itself in the solar industry through its superior quality, reliability, and dedication to sustainability. Originating from Norway, this Ontario-based company has grown into a global leader, producing around 38 million panels while maintaining the lowest claim rate in the industry. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices and European heritage underscore their reputation as a trustworthy provider. 

REC Solar represents a sound investment for those seeking to combine environmental responsibility with financial wisdom. By choosing REC Solar, consumers align with a brand that promises excellence and sustainability and delivers on its promises, making it a top contender for anyone in Ottawa looking to embrace solar energy.


Adress: 17 – 5330 Canotek Road, Gloucester, Ontario. K1J 9C3 Canada

Founded in 2015 by environmentally passionate young engineers, Deltacron stands out as a revolutionary force in Canada’s sustainable energy sector, driven by a commitment to societal and environmental improvement. Distinguished by its core values of empowering customers through education, fostering trust via transparency, and a team’s genuine passion for the environment, Deltacron is more than just a company—it’s a partner dedicated to advancing renewable energy solutions.  

Opting for Deltacron Technologies Inc. means choosing a path that not only embraces renewable energy but also invests in the future health of our planet, aligning with the values of conscientious Canadians dedicated to preserving our natural landscapes. 

Kajk Constructors

Phone: 613-869-8254
Adress: 46 Grenfell Crescent B, Ottawa, Ontario K2G 0G4, Canada

Established in 2016, Kajk Constructors Inc. has quickly risen to the forefront of Ottawa’s solar energy sector, distinguishing itself through a rich portfolio of over 150 solar projects, including advanced rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems, as well as installations of lithium-ion batteries and EV chargers. 

Boasting the installation of over 500,000 solar panels and 55,000 solar foundations, Kajk Constructors is renowned for delivering top-notch renewable energy solutions that not only champion sustainability but also offer cost-effective alternatives for electricity savings. 

Their approach is geared towards green retrofitting of existing buildings, guided by the principles of minimising energy loss, optimising energy use, and maximising energy production, positioning them as a pivotal force in the transition towards sustainable living.

Your Solar Journey Begins with Ottawa Electric

Transitioning to solar power is a significant but rewarding step towards sustainability and energy independence. Whether it’s integrating the latest Tesla Powerwall, optimising with MAXUN technology, securing an all-encompassing service, commercialising your solar setup, or going off-grid, Ottawa has the expertise and technology to meet your needs. At Ottawa Electric, we’re committed to supporting your solar transition, offering expert advice, installations, and maintenance services. Visit us today and take the first step towards a brighter, greener future. Together, let’s light up our community with sustainable energy.

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The savings you can achieve with solar panels in Ottawa vary based on your solar system’s size and the sunlight your home receives. With Ottawa’s average of 4.6 hours of sunlight per day, many residents notice a significant reduction in their energy bills.

The number of solar panels needed for your home depends on your energy consumption, the average hours of sunlight your home receives, and the efficiency of the panels you choose. For a household consuming around 10,000 kWh annually with panels of about 18% efficiency, approximately 20-25 panels might be needed. However, this is a general estimate, and a consultation with a solar installer will provide a more customised assessment.

Yes, solar panels still produce electricity on cloudy days and in the winter, albeit at a reduced efficiency. Snow can actually clean your panels and might improve their performance after it melts, ensuring year-round energy generation. 

Quality solar panels are designed for longevity, often coming with a guarantee to perform at a minimum of 80% of their original power output for at least 25 years. With proper care, they can continue to operate effectively much longer, providing sustainable energy for decades.

Installing solar panels can extend the lifespan of your roof shingles by shielding them from sunlight. If your roof is older than 15 years, we’ll evaluate if shingle replacement is required prior to panel installation. We work with trusted roofing professionals if replacement is warranted.

Installing solar panels can extend the lifespan of your roof shingles by shielding them from sunlight. If your roof is older than 15 years, we’ll evaluate if shingle replacement is required prior to panel installation. We work with trusted roofing professionals if replacement is warranted.