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Do you know that a faulty electrical panel can cause a fire in your home? Determining if and when you need an electrical panel replacement is crucial for your comfort, health, and safety. Some of the telltale signs of an electrical panel replacement include frequent breaker tripping, unexpectedly high utility bills, and strange crackling or popping sounds coming from your panel. Ottawa Electric can help. 

We specialize in panel and sub-panel installation and maintenance services. Our trained and certified electricians are fully prepared to handle all needs pertaining to this important electrical service. Do the lights in your home dim when you turn on your washing machine or microwave? It could be due to panel issues. We can upgrade your panels and subpanels to ensure your building is equipped to handle any electrical needs you have.

Contact us today to upgrade your electric panel or subpanel today. 

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We are committed to following all safety best practices during your project and will ensure all services are completed up to code to keep you safe.


We have years of experience helping the Ottawa region with electrical services. We can complete your project in a timely manner, no matter what.


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An electrical panel, also known as a breaker, fuse box, or load center, brings a proper electrical flow to all the appliances in your house. If your panel frequently trips or a fuse repeatedly blows, you may be in need of electrical panel services. When these trips happen very often, there might be something going on with your electrical panel that requires more attention than simply flipping the switch.

We offer expert and professional panel upgrade services to ensure your house is equipped with reliable and safe electricity for your home – for life! An electrical panel installed by professionals like our team can last up to 40 years!

No matter if you have an older home or a new build, we can help with all your subpanel and panel upgrades, installations, and maintenance needs. Contact Ottawa Electric today.

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When Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

When Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

It’s very common that homes built in the 1960s or earlier will be rated for 100 amps. In this day in age, we have more modern appliances in our homes and new technology. This can require a fuse box replacement, breaker maintenance, or an upgraded panel to 200 or even 400 amps to give you the appropriate power to accommodate your property’s electrical needs. 

Even if you have a more recently built home, sometimes the electrical panel installed may not be updated enough to accommodate appliances that are becoming more and more common, like hot tubs, home electrical vehicle (EV) chargers, and much more. If you’re not sure about the state of your electrical panel, contact our team today to book an inspection!

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With deep roots in Orleans and an upbringing in a family that mastered the art of self-reliance, Matt Fortin learned early on that with the right skills, any vision could become a reality. His passion for electrical work sparked in high school and was honed through an apprenticeship at Algonquin College, leading to a master electrician certification. Matt’s philosophy centers around hard work, pride in craftsmanship, and a belief that a strong team is the backbone of exceptional service.

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Natasha Dube
Natasha Dube
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The person was very knowledgeable and didn’t waste any time. He figured out and fixed our problem in less than half an hour compared to another electrician who asked us to remove all drywall to find the problem (we hired before). The price was very reasonable as well. I am very happy with the service and will call them again if needed. Highly recommended company..
Jamie & Jack C
Jamie & Jack C
Google Review
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Friendly, professional, great workmanship & pricing = Highly Recommended We wanted to make some lighting improvements and needed several new pot lights installed in our 2nd-floor bedrooms/washroom, new wall sconce (w/ switch), and new power outlets installed around the house. We chose Ottawa Electric because of the great friendly communication, quick price quote, fantastic Customer reviews, easy scheduling, and their pricing was great.
Frederic Sune
Frederic Sune
Google Review
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Great Services! I had a lot of questions regarding the EV plug & Mat was amazing at answering all of them. I did my homework and asked for other quotes, Ottawa Electric was in the middle range, but I had a good feeling about them. I didn't regret my decision! The installation with their team was amazing. They were professional and fast. Happy to answer all my questions as well.
D. Morin
D. Morin
Google Review
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I used Ottawa Electric to install pot lights in my house, and I couldn't be happier with their service. Matt and his crew did a great job, and I appreciate the care they took not to mark up my floors when they moved the ladders around. I shopped at every electrical company in town, and these guys were the rare combination of reasonable prices and high-quality work. Sure, there are other electrical firms, but they won't beat Ottawa Electric's prices. I'll be using them again when I need more work done.
Steve Liabotis
Steve Liabotis
Google Review
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I had Ottawa Electric upgrade my electrical service and panel to the house. Matt and his team did an amazing job. Very professional, reasonably priced, and quality work. He took care of arranging all the permits and inspections. All I had to do was sit back and watch a real professional at work!
Carl in Markham
Carl in Markham
Google Review
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Contacted Ottawa Electric to have a transfer switch installed. Martin was a pleasure to deal with during the quote. On the day of, the electricians (Ilias and Cedric) showed up on time and ready to go. They were both very professional and did an excellent job. Their attention to detail was obvious to me when I saw the finished product, where they not only did a great job on the installation; they redid my main panel, which now looks ten times better than when I bought the house. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for electrical work. Thanks, Martin, Ilias, and Cedric.

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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Absolutely. Not only will getting a panel upgrade for your home be more convenient and reduce light flickering, trips, and blown fuses, but it’s also a safety hazard to avoid electrical panel upgrades or replacements. When the electricity needed for your home is too much for an old or outdated electrical panel to handle, it can overheat, break down, or even catch fire. Older houses in Ottawa were built using 100 amp circuit breakers which cannot supply enough electricity to renovate modern homes. Contact Ottawa Electric if you’re ever unsure of the status of your current electrical panel. Do you need to upgrade your breaker box? Our breaker box upgrade Ottawa team will be happy to investigate and do any necessary electrical panel installations for your properties.

Most modern homes are equipped with a 200 amps electrical panel. Although it supplies standard electricity for the average home, sometimes, this still cannot support larger electrical heating systems or appliances for larger homes. In Ottawa and surrounding areas, Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa provide a consumption report, which is an overview of your hourly electrical usage. Once you get that online consumption report from your provider, we can help you determine your current and future allowable usage.

If you have installed larger appliances in your home, you might need a 300 amps electrical panel upgrade or even 400 amps panel upgrade. Our electrical panel retrofit Ottawa team will evaluate your home and recommend a solution that works best for you. 

There are a few telltale signs your electrical panel is in need of an upgrade. Some of which include:

  • You have a home built in the 1960s or earlier.
  • You have recently added a new feature or appliance to your home, such as a hot tub, EV Charger, or pool.
  • You notice dim or flickering lights in your home.
  • Your panel or breakers frequently trip.
  • You often have a blown fuse.
  • Your panel or breaker, or fuse box is hot to the touch, has a burning smell, or makes a crackling noise. 

If your electrical panel is badly damaged, you might need an electrical panel replacement. Are you looking for panel upgrades and replacements in Ottawa? Hire an electrical contractor at a renowned Ottawa electrical company.

Some of the signs of poor electrical wiring are melting, slightly melted or discoloured wire in the panel, melted or discoloured plugs and outlets, and flickering lights. If you’ve noticed some or all of these signs, it may be time for an electrical inspection, rewiring or an electrical upgrade.