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Do you need to install a light fixture? Are lights not working? Broken switches? If you install a new light fixture or fix an existing one, you can transform any room in your house. DIY solutions are time-consuming, complicated, and dangerous. A professional light fixture installation company can help.  

Our lighting installation, repair, and maintenance services are a cut above all other lighting electricians in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We ensure each of our certified lighting electricians provides extreme attention to detail to ensure your lighting needs are met to your exact specifications. Whether you need a new lighting fixture installation, lighting removal, lighting repair, or home lighting maintenance, we are prepared to handle any and all electrical lighting services.

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We are committed to following all safety best practices during your project and will ensure all services are completed up to code to keep you safe.


We have years of experience helping the Ottawa region with electrical services. We can complete your project in a timely manner, no matter what.


We guarantee we will provide you with the highest quality service each and every time. You can depend on us!


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New Light Fixture Installation Services

Is the location of your new fixture above a staircase? Is your ceiling light heavy, and does it require pronging? Getting light fixtures installed in your home can be a difficult task when not completed by a professional. There’s no need to worry. At Ottawa Electric, we have certified lighting electricians who can come into your home, assess the environment, and install lighting safely with the right tools. No matter what your vision is, the experts at Ottawa Electric have got you covered. 

Below are just a few of the services our lighting electricians can complete for Ottawa residents:

  • Lighting Fixture Installation
  • Recessed Lighting Installation 
  • Install Light Fixtures 
  • Pot Light Installation 
  • High-Ceiling Chandelier Installation
  • Home LED Light Installation
  • Light Fittings 
  • Outdoor Lighting 
  • Ceiling Fans with Lights

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light installers near me


Electrical Lighting Repair Ottawa

We make your home shine brighter with expert light repair services.

There are common issues that many of our customers encounter when it comes to lighting within the home. When electrical wiring and lighting are involved, damages can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. We help hundreds of customers across Ottawa with all sorts of electrical lighting repair services. If you have any light fixtures or lighting issues that need repairing in your home, reach out to the certified electricians at Ottawa Electric today. We can safely complete the lighting repair near you and be out of your hair in no time!

The team at Ottawa Electric is extremely committed to adhering to all safety best practices for our electrical lighting repair projects, and we guarantee the highest quality service no matter the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time of installation depends on the nature of the job and the type of light fixture you are getting installed. Normally it takes around 3 to 4 hours to install a light. Whether your light fixture is at great heights or on a regular height ceiling, our lighting installers can help. We offer recessed lighting installation with no attic or prior wiring. We can also install a ceiling fan with a light.  Do you want to install a chandelier in your living room? Our chandelier installers can help. Call us today. 

Fixing or replacing lights can be potentially dangerous. Whether you’re fixing a light or replacing a light, you can’t ensure safety; DIY solutions can harm your home’s value and can’t satisfy your fixture needs. Hire a professional handyman from our team today for swift light repairs. 

Our electricians have extensive experience in installing ceiling fans and can help you choose the ideal size and style for your home. Factors to consider include room size, ceiling height, and your personal preferences in terms of design and functionality. We can guide you through the selection process to ensure you choose a ceiling fan that not only looks great but also provides optimal airflow and comfort. We can also install a new lighting system as well as an outdoor lighting system. Call us to get a free quote today. 

Yes, we do. Our light installers can fix or repair all kinds of lights. Visit our page for more information. 


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