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Do you know that when you are installing a swimming pool in your home, the most important aspect of construction is the electrical work? It is complicated because the wiring requirements of different pools vary depending on their types, sizes, and the materials used. An expert pool electrician from Ottawa Electric can assist with the installation and maintenance of pool wiring and equipment. 

Whether it is a simple pool light repair or an inground pool electrical wiring, hiring a qualified swimming pool electrician is important. We can fix broken lights, faulty heaters, and damaged equipment. Is your pool consuming too much energy? Our expert and licensed electrician in Ottawa can install swimming pool wiring and perform maintenance to make it more energy-efficient. 

Contact our team of trained professionals today to take the proper steps for peace of mind and a relaxing day outdoors. 

Our Services Include

We routinely install and maintain the following electrical equipment.

Experience Peace of Mind with Our Ottawa Pool Electrician Team

  • Safety 

Faulty wiring can lead to pool electrocution. Our expert electricians can make sure that the wires are properly installed so that the water doesn’t come in contact with the wires. We promise safety and a great user experience for yourself and your family.

  • Code Compliance

When an inexperienced mechanic installs your swimming pool wiring, it often results in code violations. Our expert electricians know all the code requirements for swimming pools and guarantee full compliance.

  •   Energy Efficiency 

Surprisingly, DIY installation of electrical wiring and equipment in your pool could turn it into one of the costliest aspects of your home. Have you considered this risk? An expert swimming pool electrician can help you maintain a more sustainable and eco-friendly pool. He can help you pick the right equipment and install it in the right way to reduce your energy costs. 

  •  Efficient Maintenance

Maintaining your swimming pool equipment regularly ensures a superior user experience. You can troubleshoot any problems that might necessitate expensive repairs later.

We strive to tailor our electrical solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Our licensed and expert electricians are committed to providing high-quality electrical services. Contact us today!



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We are committed to following all safety best practices during your project and will ensure all services are completed up to code to keep you safe.


We have years of experience helping the Ottawa region with electrical services. We can complete your project in a timely manner, no matter what.


We guarantee we will provide you with the highest quality service each and every time. You can depend on us!


Best Pool Installation and Maintenance

Ottawa Electric is your one-stop shop for expert pool installation. We have expertise in hot tub and pool electrical installations. You can trust us to handle the electrical aspects with utmost precision.

Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • Pool earthing 
  • Pool heater installation 
  • Pool light installation 
  • Pool maintenance 
  • Pool electrical panel installation 
  • Electrical wiring for pool pumps.
  • Installation of a dedicated GFCI outlet with a weatherproof cover.
  • Installation of pool heaters, salt generators, pool pumps, and pool lighting.

 Signs that You Need a Pool Electrician 

  • Broken water heater 
  • Flickering pool lights 
  • Green pool water 
  • Discolored grout 
  • Cracks on the structure of the pool 
  • Blocked pipes 
  • Blocked sand filter 


What People are Saying

Pool Installation Ottawa FAQs

The following are some of the most important electrical code requirements for swimming pools:  

  • If utility power lines run over a pool, they must be at least 22.5 feet above the ground. 
  • The communications cable should be 10 feet above the water level. 
  • You need a GFCI-protected receptacle for the pump. The receptacle should be located 6 to 10 feet away from the walls of the pool.
  • The swimming pool should have a separate GFCI-protected convenience outlet. It should be located between 6 to 20 feet from the edge of the pool. 
  • An above-ground pool should have a 20-amp breaker and No. 12-gauge wire.

Yes. The pool pump requires a lot of power, so it requires its own circuit. 

It depends on the pool size, the motor’s service factor, and the pool equipment. Most of the pools in Ottawa homes require 1500 to 2500 watts of electricity. At Ottawa Electric, we specialize in hot tub electrical installation and pool installation in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Whether it is the swimming pool electrical installation or the ground pool wiring, you can hire an expert electrical contractor today.

Usually, the voltage of your pool pump depends on the motor’s HP rating. The smaller HPs connect to either 115V or 230V circuits, while the bigger ones go with only 230V.

Some of the most common pool equipment includes pool pumps, pool filters, heaters, cleaners, chemical feeders, and salt chlorine generators. You can also add pool lights or sound systems.