Matt Fortin

Master Electrician in Ottawa

Born and raised in Orleans, I am Matt Fortin, a person shaped by a family that believed in the power of self-reliance and resourcefulness. My childhood was a testament to the idea that with the right skills and a dash of creativity, there are no limits to what one can achieve. My parents were the epitome of do-it-yourselfers, tackling everything from home repairs to car maintenance and even operating the backhoe at our camp. We built our cottage from the ground up, did all the landscaping, and even constructed structures to mill our own wood. We were a family always buzzing with activity, and from this non-stop action, I learned that I could pursue anything I set my mind to.

My professional journey began in a 10th-grade construction class where I discovered my passion for electricity – it was love at first circuit. That initial spark led me to complete my high school diploma, followed by an apprenticeship at Algonquin College, and eventually an online class to become a master electrician.

My career has been diverse:
– Started with a co-op in 12th grade
– Worked in residential renovations for 3 years
– Spent 4 years in commercial electrical work
– Gained 2 and a half years of industrial experience in the oil sands

This broad exposure solidified my desire to start my own business, ensuring I had a solid foundation across all fields of electrical work. I began Ottawa Electric solo, without mentors or contacts, and built the company through word-of-mouth, thanks to the exceptional service I provided.

My motivation is fueled by hard work and pride in my craft. I always wondered why toil so hard for someone else when I could channel that dedication into my venture, where direct feedback and customer satisfaction are my rewards. My philosophy is ‘the sky is the limit’, but to grow steadily, ensuring the company’s foundation is strong with a team that shares my vision of quality and client contentment.

I started alone, but now Ottawa Electric boasts:
– Multiple recurring customers
– Several vans on the road daily
– A dedicated and skilled team

Our success hinges on several key practices:
– Prompt response to customer needs, treating them like family
– Regular safety meetings and open Q&A sessions with the team to enhance workmanship and cleanliness
– A team approach where everyone’s role is valued equally, regardless of experience

Outside of work, I indulge in my passions, which include my cottage, dirt biking, and my saltwater aquarium. I am an avid snorkeler and have brought the reef into my living room to enjoy every day. Work-life balance is vital for me, which is why I advocate for well-planned 8-hour workdays for my team. Looking ahead, I aim to expand our services by training the team in generator servicing, solidifying Ottawa Electric as the all-encompassing solution for our clients’ electrical needs.

Matt Fortin: Master Electrician in Ottawa